Contact the Meeting Organizers:

Rhema Association Management is the virtual website management office of KSHV 2020. She is the Website Manager for web site development, and she will coordinate with the Tanzania hosts and the meeting organizers in negotiating all the meeting’s logistics.

Joan Oefner, Conference Manager
Tel. +49 171-1049-181 OR 1-617-870-3533
WhatsApp: +49 171-1049-181


Registration Management 

Danielle Shea ([email protected]) and Ashley Hays ([email protected]) at the University of Nebraska are processing all conference registrations and fees, and can be contacted with questions or concerns. 


Abstract Submission Management

Tischan Seltzer ([email protected]) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is processing all abstract submissions, and she can be contacted with all abstract-related questions or concerns. 


KSHV 2020 is organized under the auspices of University of Nebraska Foundation, Nebraska Center for Virology Excellence Fund

102 C Morrison Center
Lincoln, NE 68583-0900